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Moving & Packing: Computers & Equipment

Almost all of us has at least one….

Those of us that have them use them daily.

We all forget how much time and patience it takes to set them up just right.

Fragile, finicky, and they can go from being our best friend one minute to our worst enemy the next….you guessed it….Computers.

Computers (and scanners, printers and faxes) are machines that we depend on daily, are major investments and should be treated with extra-special consideration when moving.

Make sure that your computers and computer equipment is prepared for the move with Republic Moving & Storage’s Guide to Packing & Moving Your Computers and Equipment:

Ready the Computer: Start by making sure your updates are up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about this step when you unpack. Next, copy all of our files. An external hard drive with ample space is ideal so you can do the entire back up and store it all in one place. If an external hard drive is not an option use a few flash drives and DVDs to back up your data. Make sure to remove all discs from your CD drive.

Know Your Insurance: check your home owner’s insurance, renter’s insurance and moving insurance before you move anything valuable.  Make sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered.  If you are depending solely on moving insurance and your mover insures based on weight, you will not recover the investment you deserve. Preparing or safeguarding yourself ahead of time will save you time and heartache in the unfortunate event that something happens to your computer and equipment during the move.

Preparing to Pack:  Pack your computers, faxes, scanners, printers and accessories in their original boxes if possible.  If you do not have the original packaging ask your mover or local specialty box company about their options for computer boxes. You will need to know the size and dimensions of your computer and equipment before calling. Make sure to ask for the Styrofoam inserts; this is extremely important in ensuring a safe move for your computer and equipment.

Packing: Safely power down computer and equipment before you start disassembling. Most new computers have color-coding systems for easy reassembly.  If you don’t have color-coding and you aren’t an expert at reassembling computer equipment take a picture of the items while they are still set up so you can use it as a guide in the reassembly. If you still are lacking confidence in putting the computer and equipment back together again successfully, label each cord as you remove it from the devices with a piece of masking tape.  Label what the plug is for and where it should be placed.  Once you have taken your pictures and/or labeled each of the cords, neatly wind up the cords and place them in the computer and equipment boxes they belong in a sealed zip-lock bag. Seal box with moving tape and clearly mark in black permanent marker that the box is fragile and list what it contains. Knowing that a computer or a monitor is in the box will help the movers (or you) in the handling process.

Moving: The best option for transporting your computer and equipment is in your own vehicle and not on the moving truck.  If you are driving long-distance, separate from the moving truck, you will want to ensure that you remove your equipment from the car if you stay overnight somewhere.  If transporting in your own vehicle is not an option just make sure to closely follow the packing and labeling instructions listed above.  When items are being loaded onto the truck ensure that the computer is not being packed first or under anything heavy. It should be one of the last items to load and should be placed in a place where it is protected with cushions and/or blankets and not able to be jostled around.

What are your tips and tricks for packing and moving your computer and equipment? Drop us a note in our comments and we will be sure to add them to our list!


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