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Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Congratulations! You just tied the knot!  Now you are ready to start your new life together in a new home.  Finding a new home, essentially combining two homes into one and executing the actual move are  major tasks. The key to any successful move is organization and planning…as a team. So get ready to work together and with qualified moving professionals and make your new move exciting and stress-free.

Have a Plan

Plan well in advance on how things will be moved with the help of qualified, professional movers. Procrastinating or postponing tasks will only lead to stress down the road.  Allow yourself enough time to schedule movers, set up utilities and alert all the pertinent companies, family and friends of your new address.

Be a Team

Cooperate and assist each other in packing and unloading items. Distribute tasks as per convenience and always remember to be willing to make compromises. The tacky beer memorabilia that he has had since his early college days? Before you head for the trash see if there is a common ground you can meet on such as making an area for the ‘man cave’….hopefully you can come to an agreement of hanging these items in the garage and not the living room.  Your compromising ways will most definitely be in your favor when it is time to negotiate your own hard-to-part-with items.


The moment you decide to relocate, make a list of all your belongings and ask your spouse to to do the same. Most likely you will have a lot of the same items such as housewares, furniture and household items. Making a list will give you a realistic idea of how much needs to be actually moved and what items you can give away, sell or donate to your charity of choice.

Don’t Forget The Wedding Gifts

When taking inventory don’t forget to factor in all of your new wedding gifts.  If you haven’t used the items yet, leave them in the gift boxes so that they are easier to move. When possible have items shipped directly to the new place to avoid having to move them yourself. Also remember the gifts that you received that are ‘newer’ or ‘nicer’ items than what you already have…having three toasters is nice but highly unnecessary.


Make a separate list of unwanted items and ask your spouse to do the same. Compare lists to decide what items you will donate, sell and or giveaway. You will be surprised how many items you can eliminate from the move thus saving you money on the amount of items you have to move on moving day. Packing light will save you time and money when using professional movers.  Once you have all the items in lists for donations and selling factor in the scheduling of garage sale and/or when you will be bringing the items for donation.

For more moving tips and tricks stay tuned to the Republic Moving and Storage channel and when you are ready to move remember to rely on the professionals that will help give you the stress-free move that you deserve.



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