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Moving Tips: Packing Your “First Night” Box

Create a “first-night” box containing essentials you will need immediately. These items, will be the items that you use in the morning in your old house and the first night in your new home.  Load the ‘first-night” box/items on the moving truck last if you don’t have room to take it in your car. Make sure to label all boxes appropriately so that they will also be the first boxes off.  Remember that you should always carry valuables, jewelry, medicine and important paperwork with you in your car and not on the moving truck.

  • Basic Tools: hammer, flat-head screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, drill and wrench should do the trick!  Remember that all of your furniture that you took apart should have the hardware taped in a small baggie directly onto the furniture.  However, having a small baggie of nails and screws is recommended just in case. 
  • Bed Linens: you’ve had a long day so make sure that you get the restful night you deserve in your new home. Don’t forget blankets and pillowcases!
  • Change of Clothes: we recommend that you pack an ‘overnight” sized back for each family member/person as if you were packing for a trip. Change of clothes, sleeping attire, toiletries etc.
  • Cleaning Supplies: no matter how much the previous person cleans there is always the need to do a wipe-down of all surfaces and a mopping of the floors. Don’t forget the broom, dustpan and plenty of trash bags in addition to your regular cleaning supplies.
  • Disposable Dishes:  plates, glasses, and cutlery should be on hand for the first few days as you unpack. As much time as you took carefully packing your valuables take the same amount of time when unpacking. You want to enjoy your new house so making sure everything is in their perfect place takes time and patience! (Plus who wants to do dishes?)
  • Flashlight: The only time a person ever seems to need a flashlight is when they don’t have a flashlight. Take one just in case!
  • Light Bulbs:  It certainly is nice when there are lighting fixtures with bulbs in them but it is not required for the previous tenant to leave them so make sure that you are not stuck in the dark on your first night in in your new home.  
  • Medicine: This goes without saying that you should have any and all medications on hand if needed. Also putting together a small first aid kit is recommended with some band aids, antiseptic and bandages. Always better safe than sorry!
  • Napkins & Paper Towels: For cleaning and romantic dinners over your boxes!
  • Nonperishable Snacks and Water and/Juices: Ordering pizza when moving is common but man cannot live on pizza alone. Having some non-perishable snacks on hand will help keep you fueled and ready to tackle the unpacking. Make sure to always stay hydrated with water and juices during the entire move.
  • Telephone: Always, always, always have your cell phone on hand and not packed away in case of emergencies.
  • Toilet Paper: you’d be amazed how many people forget this. Toss a couple of rolls in your overnight back so you are not digging for it later.
  • Towels: cleaning towels and bathing towels are a must!
  • Toys for Children & Pets: keep children and pets entertained, out from under foot and out of harm’s way is crucial during moving day. Make sure to not pack away favorite toys, blankets, pet bowls and leashes but rather have them on hand to make them feel comfortable during the moving process.

 Have some items you think that are a ‘must-have’ in the “First Night” Box? Add them in the comments below and we will add them to our list.  For all your moving, packing and storage needs visit us online for tips, tricks and/or your free moving quote or call a Republic Moving Expert today!


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