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Is Lakeside CA a Good Place to Live? [2022] | 🙆‍♂️ULTIMATE Moving to Lakeside Tips

Lakeside, CA is a beautiful, unincorporated census designated place (CDP)  in southeastern San Diego County.  Known for a long time as a “cowboy town”, similar to the old western movies, Lakeside has developed into a beautiful modern community. If you’re moving to Lakeside, you might want to check out employment opportunities in the San Diego area.  Many of the people living in Lakeside make the commute to work.  

Founded in 1886, Lakeside was basically owned by a company.  The El Cajon Valley Land Company purchased 6600 acres around Lindo Lake,  and started to develop the community in hopes to turn a regular profit from the massive victorian style inn, a number of homes, and even storefronts.  Though it was slow going for a decade, the company started to sell off pieces of the investment for huge profits and the town really started to grow when an automobile and horse track was built around the lake to bring it more tourists.

Today, regular visitors come to Lakeside to enjoy the local rodeos, BMX track, golf courses, and for boating and fishing.

Where is Lakeside, CA?

    • Almost exactly 20 miles northeast of the city of San Diego
    • Lakeside, CA to San Diego, CA is 21 miles and a 25 minute drive from San Diego city center, up route 67
    • Located in southwestern San Diego County
    • Lakeside is in the western foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains
    • Lakeview and Winter Gardens are to the south, Eucalyptus Hills is to the north

Lakeside, CA Population and Demographics

A growing CDP, the number of full time residents has gone up 5% from 2010 to 2020.  The population of Lakeside, CA is 21,032.   

  • 68.8% white, 2.1% black, 2.5% Asian, 21.7% Hispanic
  • 52% women, 48% men
  • 89.3% are high school graduates
  • 20.5% have bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • $80,318 median household income
  • Average sized Californian city with average population density
  • The population declined from 1980 to 2010 but has been increasing ever since!
  • Former professional basketball player, Jack Taylor, was born in Lakeside
  • Frederick W. Sturckow is a US Marine Corps officer and NASA astronaut from Lakeside

There are both safe and not-so-safe areas in Lakeside, CA. A police substation was founded in 2015 to make Lakeside a safer place to live! – The crime rate is the same as the average city in the US, with about 49% of US cities safer to live in than Lakeside and 51% of cities more dangerous. Residents of Lakeside consider the eastern side of the city to be the safest.

Cost of Living in Lakeside

The cost of living in Lakeside, CA is on the higher side when compared to the rest of the nation but lower when compared to the rest of California’s suburban cities. With the median household income a little over $80,000 and the Lakeside median home price over $739,000, and the average sale price per square foot of $491, most residents need reasonably good employment to purchase a home.  Click here if you’re looking for Lakeside, CA homes for sale.

Rent tends to be a bit more modestly priced as there are plenty of complexes, few of which are low income or subsidized.  According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $110,158 per year to afford to live in San Diego County.

Typical Lakeside Living Expenses

The following expenses were provided by

  • Average apartment rental: $1800 per month (1 bedroom)
  • Gallon of gas: $6.19
  • Meal for 2 at mid-range restaurant: $60
  • Dozen eggs: $2.99
  • Energy Utilities (electric, heat, a/c, water): $239

Lakeside, CA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Lakeside

When you’re considering moving to Lakeside, CA and need to decide on a neighborhood, keep in mind the further south you go, the more expensive and upper-class the neighborhoods become.  The CDP isn’t THAT big, but the closer you get to San Diego, the more expensive it is to live.  The further you’re willing to commute, the lower the cost of living. 

“The Hills” – For People Looking to Live Quietly

Located north of the CDP, there are a number of housing developments up in “the hills” of Lakeside.  Ideal for people looking to get out of the way, but also don’t want to travel far for groceries.  

Barona – Lower Cost of Living

Located furthest from San Diego, the cost of living is lower here than anywhere else in Lakeside.  

Town Center – Perfect for Walking

Living in the center of every city results in higher cost of living but everything is close and convenient.  You can live your entire life in a nice Town Center apartment and never get a driver’s license.

“The Gardens” – Bordering Winter Gardens

Filled with young working professionals, the locals call “The Gardens” of Lakeside as such because it borders the neighboring township of Winter Gardens.  

Lakeside Weather & Climate

The weather in Lakeside is ideal pretty much all year-round and has warm-summer Mediterranean climate.  The coolest months are December through February and the average low every day is rarely below 40 degrees and a high of 70 degrees!  The average high in August, which tends to be the hottest month, barely ever kisses 90 degrees.  The sky is clear 75% of the time and the humidity is reasonable all year long.  Rain can be rare so drought risk is a thing, but compared to much of the southwest, the proximity to the ocean keeps all of San Diego County just humid enough to avoid the severe droughts. You’ll nearly never see snow flurries of any kind.

Things to Do in Lakeside, CA

Lakeside may not have a ton of square mileage within its limits, but there is no shortage of activities for people of all ages. If you do somehow find yourself bored, the amount of attractions surrounding nearby San Diego is mind boggling.

The best things to do in Lakeside include visiting the beautiful Lindo Lake County Park, El Capitan Reservoir, the Barona Cultural Center and Museum, Barona Creek Golf Club, and the El Capitan Preserve.  If you’re more into the shopping scene, you can visit the Central Lakeside Shopping Center, the Lakeview Village Center, and the Lake Park Plaza. 

Lindo Lake County Park – Camping in Lakeside, CA

Lindo Lake County Park is a premiere camping destination in the Lakeside, CA area.  With a variety of local wildlife to admire, you can enjoy some rest and relaxation in your own tent or camper on the public campground.  Feel free to make a reservation to block off a portion of the beautiful park for a wedding, birthday, retirement, or some other celebration.  There are a number of hiking trails leaving the park, and the lake allows for fishing.  

12660 Lindo Ln, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 443-1666

Barona Creek Golf Club – Golf in Lakeside, CA

Blending beautifully with the natural landscape of San Diego’s rolling foothills, Barona Creek Golf Club is one of California’s most inviting golf courses.  Wonderfully challenging and rewarding, the course has been visited by a number of professionals in the past and continues to garner respect and impressive visitors every year.  With modest rates for the level of quality, Barona Creek is a must visit for any golfer.  

1932 Wildcat Canyon Road, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 443-2300

Barona Cultural Center and Museum – Culture, Art, and History in Lakeside, CA

The Museum serves as an extension of Barona Cultural Center by encouraging the learning and understanding of native history, traditions, art, and culture. Take a stroll in the Native Plant Garden at Barona Indian Charter, update your knowledge on the area in the massive research library, breathe in the art exhibits, or take a guided tour.  The Cultural Center and Museum is a great way to kill a full day for school children and senior intellectuals alike! 

1095 Barona Road, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 443-7003

Additional Attractions:

Be sure to check out the local parks and recreation postings in San Diego County. You never know when you’ll find some really fun activities planned for the public. 

Lakeside Restaurants

If you have an eclectic pallet, you’re going to love the restaurants in Lakeside, CA.  With plenty to choose from, you can eat a different type of food every day of the week without once going shopping!  

Barona Oaks Steakhouse – Located in the casino.  

Fine dining steakhouse with some of the most top shelf meat cuts and wine selections the area has to offer.  It comes with a price tag, but that’s because you get top-notch service and food. 

1932 Wildcat Canyon Road, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 328-3126

Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant – Known to be the best Italian in the county.  

Now offering dine-in, pickup, and delivery, they also have availability for catering larger events. They have both Wood Fired and Stone Fired Pizza!

12440 Woodside Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 443-2165

Albert’s Fresh Mexican Food – Family owned for two generations.

A small, family chain and some of the best authentic Mexican in the area.  Alberts has been in business for two generations and offers catering for any of your larger parties and get-togethers.

13334 I-8, Lakeside, CA 92040 – (619) 390 – 6510

Jobs in Lakeside

With literally hundreds of local shops and businesses, there are plenty of people looking for skilled employees in retail, food service, or at the casino.  If you’re a handy mechanic, there are a number of boat and automobile shops and for somebody who really enjoys the outdoors, there are some pest control companies and landscaping companies that seem to always be looking for help. 

Many skilled professionals make the commute to San Diego, particularly in the IT and healthcare fields.  

Education is one of the fastest-growing sectors.  As population booms, the school systems flourish as well. Secondary education is around as well, with a number of universities in the San Diego area.

Start your search here with this updated list of jobs in Lakeside.

Lakeside Schools

Children living in the area attend the Lakeside Union School District. In addition to traditional public school options, the school district offers flex school for online and hybrid learning

The Lakeside branch of the San Diego County Library is located on Vine Street.

Lakeside Statistics & Information

  • County: San Diego County
  • Area: 7.280 (square miles)
  • Zip code: 92040
  • Area code: 619, 858
  • Elevation: 413 ft
  • Time zone: UTC-8 Pacific
  • Closest airport: San Diego International Airport (SAN / KSAN), 24 miles from Lakeside.

Lakeside, CA Map

Explore more things to do and restaurants with this Lakeside map.

When you’re ready to relocate, make life easier for yourself and call the top Lakeside, CA movers at 619-000-0000 for a free quote. 



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