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Moving to Southern California? What Interstate Movers Want You to Know

If you’re moving to southern California, and aren’t familiar with the area, you might be surprised by what you’ll learn, feel, and experience as you adjust to your new home. Southern California is home to several large cities, as well as forests, deserts, and miles of beach. The interstate movers at Republic are proud to help welcome you to the area, and want you to be prepared to adjust to life here and love it!

Moving during hot weather

If you’re not from a warm climate, the interstate movers at Republic know that you might be surprised by the weather when you move during the busy season. Most people move during the warmer months of the year, and think of mid-summer as the hottest; in southern California, our warmest temperatures generally arrive during September.

You might also have seen recent national press coverage of forest fires in California. These fires are incredibly destructive and usually, arrive at the end of the hot weather in autumn. If you’re not used to planning around environmental events, take some time to look at the history of fires in the area you’re moving to, just in case.

Moving with heavy traffic

Lots of people moving to southern California are attracted to the urban areas and the opportunities that are available in our cities. Our interstate movers know that the density of traffic in southern California cities can take newcomers by surprise. If you’re moving into an urban area, know that it might take extra time for the moving van to reach your new residence and that the van will need to be cautious about its parking situation. You’ll also want to take a day or two to practice your new commute to your new job—you might be surprised by how traffic or public transit behaves during rush hour.

Adjusting to SoCal culture

Southern California has a culture all its own, influenced by history, the environment, and neighboring cultures. It’s helpful to speak some Spanish, or plan to learn some as you acclimate to your new home. While pop culture hypes the movie stars and entertainers who live in southern California, the area is also home to major agriculture, and there’s easy access to local, fresh produce.

If you’re getting ready to move to southern California, Republic is here to help. Contact us today to learn how our packers, interstate movers, storage, and other services can help make your next move your best move yet.


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