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Moving With Pets: Advice from Local Movers

Local Movers at Republic Moving and Storage offer some advice on how to move with your pets

Moving is bad enough for humans, imagine how bad it is for your pets. Just like humans can be stressed during a move or be uncomfortable with a new place, so too can pets too feel the stress of a move and have difficulty becoming familiar with a new location.

So before you pack up your furry best friend and begin the long drive, take some time to make sure you have everything planned out to make the trip easy on them. Here are some tips from local movers at Republic on how to move with pets.

Pack an overnight bag
First things first, make sure to pack a small overnight bag with enough food, toys, and treats to keep your pet occupied during the first few days of unpacking. If your pet needs any regular medications, make sure to pack those too.

Keep them away from the action
The best way to keep your pet in good spirits is to keep them out of the move in the quietest area possible. Consider leaving them with a friend or in their kennel for the day. Or you could put them up in a spare bedroom or in the garage to keep them away from the hustle and bustle of the local movers.

Take them in the car
When you are actually making the move, take your pet(s) in the car with you. Dogs, for example, tend to love car rides and will appreciate being close to you during transit. Smaller animals can be put in their carrier in the back seat while bigger animals can fit if you put the seats down.

Don’t let them out until the house is unpacked
Try to keep your pet away from the unpacking action until you have the house more or less situated. Having the house set up first before letting them roam around will help them get comfortable in the new space.

Find a new vet
One of the first things you should do after getting the house unpacked is to find a new vet. The new place you moved to might have different rules surrounding pet vaccinations, tags, and chips, so you’ll need to also update their info.
If you are looking for local movers, give Republic Moving and Storage a call at 619-317-0163. Our team leverages over 20 combined years of moving experience to give you the best moving experience possible.


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