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Moving With Small Children: Advice from Republic Interstate Movers

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Our Republic Moving and Storage Interstate movers offer some tips on how to make a move with small children as low stress as possible
Interstate movers like Republic know that moving is difficult for everyone, young children especially. When moving, children are asked to essentially pick up and leave everything they have ever known, which is understandably stressful.

That is why we at Republic are here to offer some tips on how to make moving with small children an easier experience. Read on to figure out how to get your kids excited about your move.

Talk to Them Beforehand
Kids are often distressed by a move because they may not be sure what is really going on. Make sure you talk to your children and address any fears or concerns they have. Make sure they realize the move is not their fault, and that everyone will still be together.

Let Them Help Out
Kids can react negatively to a move because they feel like they are being neglected. That is why it is important to involve them in the move and let them feel like they are playing an important part. If your child is old enough, let them pack up their own room, and unpack their own things in the new house. Letting them play a part in the move will get them excited.

Keep Everything the Same as Possible
When making such a big transition as moving, it is important to keep a few familiar things. For example, try to keep your child’s room layout as similar as possible to their old room and the same color. Interstate movers Republic also recommends keeping the same toys and blankets helps them get a sense of familiarity.

Find Things to Do in the New Neighborhood
Leaving behind all of their friends will certainly be stressful for your kids. So when you are settled into your new place, try to get your kids involved in local activities so they can meet other people their age. Take them to the local park, or see if there are any youth recreational sports leagues in the area.
If you are planning a move in or around the San Diego area, give Republic Moving & Storage a call at 619-317-0163. Our team of full-service interstate movers offer the best in terms of customer service and will work with you at every step of the moving process.


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