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Packing Check Off List

Getting ready for your next move can be daunting. Make sure that you have everything you need with this handy Republic Moving & Storage check off list and get on track for a successful move!

Packing Supplies

Boxes:  Durable cardboard boxes of all different sizes: Don’t forget dish barrels and specialty wardrobe boxes. Although we always encourage getting your quality boxes and supplies from an expert moving company, getting used, sturdy boxes from liquor stores or grocery stores can help save you money.

Packing Materials:  Old newspapers, biodegradable peanuts and/or bubble wrap. Keep a couple of bath towels out to use to fill in extra space around fragile items.

Markers:  Thick, black Sharpie markers work the best. Buy a pack of at least three so you have them for different rooms.

Pad of paper and pen:  (for your box-by-box inventory list)

Packing Tape: both for sealing boxes and affixing hardware to disassembled furniture

Plastic Baggies:  Utilize both quart and gallon sized baggies that zip closed.  Collect screws and small parts that go with furniture, place these items in a plastic bag then tape it onto the furniture. Baggies should also be used for items such as cleaners or shampoos that may leak in the moving process.

Heavy-duty garbage bags:  use garbage bags for donations, garbage, and for moving clothing.

Plastic Wrap:  wrapping furniture, mirrors and artwork in plastic wrap is a great way to keep you valuables from being nicked or scratched.

Tools:  there are a lot of things that need to be taken apart and put back together during a move. Make sure you have a hammer, screwdriver (flat-head and Phillips), Drill (make sure it is charged!), Allen wrench, regular wrenches, scissors, and box cutter.

Moving may seem to be an overwhelming process but it doesn’t have to be. Being prepared and relying on the experts to help you through the move will be rewarding and most importantly allow you to focus on enjoying your next home adventure.

Happy Moving!


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