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Packing for an International Move: Tips From Republic Moving and Local Storage Facilities Services

The area leader in moving and local storage facilities offers some tips on how to pack for an international move

So you got that new job overseas, researched housing options, and put down your first deposit. Now all that is left is to pack up and actually make the trip. In many ways, packing for an international move is the same as packing for a domestic move, with some qualifications. The top leader in moving and local storage facilities services Republic offer some tips on how to pack for an international move.

Outlet Adaptors
Probably one of the most important things is to first find the right kind of outlet adaptors for the country you are moving to. Most countries outside of the US do not use a standard 120V plug so you will have to get a device that can change the voltage and current to work with your US electronic devices. In fact, using the wrong voltage or current to charge and run devices can cause fires or other malfunctions.

Figure out the climate
You also need to figure out what the general weather/climate in your new area is. If you are moving to somewhere like the Mediterranean, make sure to change your wardrobe to handle the hot and humid shores. If you are moving to somewhere like Iceland or Finland, make sure you pack clothes for their cold winters.

Figure out what is banned
Unfortunately, many countries have restrictions on what kinds of items are allowed over their borders. If you are moving as a permanent resident, then you most likely will be able to receive special accommodations to move your pets, plants, or any medications.

Learn the culture
This is not so much a “packing” tip, but a general rule for moving overseas. Make sure you take some time to familiarize yourself with the local culture/language/customs. You should also bring any things that remind you of your previous home.
If you are looking for international moving or local storage facilities services, give Republic a call at 619-317-0163. Our full-service team offers the best in terms of moving services and local storage facilities services in the San Diego area.


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