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How to Pick the Right Roommate: Tips from Republic Moving and Storage in Palm Desert

Republic Moving and Storage in Palm Desert is here to give some advice on how to pick the ideal roommate

As the general costs of living continue to increase, more and more adults are resorting to living with roommates to make ends meet. While it may not be ideal, sometimes it is a necessity. In many ways, choosing a new roommate is like choosing a significant other. The main difference being you cannot break up with your roommate when things are not going so well. That’s why you need to make sure you pick a roommate that is compatible with you and your living style. Here are some tips from Republic Moving and Storage in Palm Desert on how to pick the right roommate.

Extend your search outside of your friend circle

Just because someone is your best friend, it does not necessarily mean they would make a good roommate. Your best friend could have annoying habits that are not made clear until you start living together. That’s why you should extend your roommate search beyond your immediate circle of friends. Republic Moving and storage in Palm Desert recommends putting out classifieds in the newspaper or on the internet.

Figure out expectations

You need to find a roommate whose living style will mesh with your expectations and vice versa. You need to ask your potential roommate important questions such as their job, financial situation, whether they are a night/morning person, how many people they are comfortable having over, how frequently they clean, how loud they listen to music, etc. It is important to make living expectations clear so you don’t get blindsided down the road.

Figure out finances

Probably the most important thing is to find a roommate who can meet financial obligations. The last thing you want is a roommate that can’t handle basic finances like rent and utilities. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential roommate about their financial situation, even if it seems intrusive.

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