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Pointers from Top Moving Companies for Moving During the Holidays

The holidays are the busiest holidays of the year. Including a move on top of that can be overwhelming for anyone. Sometimes you don’t have the liberty to choose when to move; it just happens suddenly and without notice. When such a situation occurs, it is essential to seek the services of the best moving companies so you can spare some time to enjoy the holidays with your family.

Make Plans ahead of Time

The first thing you need to do when planning to move during the holidays is to plan your schedule and find out what days you’ll be busy. This is essential as it offers you the opportunity to find a suitable time to move. Nonetheless, if you have a tight schedule, you’ll need to choose which festivities and dinners you are going to do. Where possible, give yourself two full days to move – a day for packing and another for moving.

Call your Movers ASAP

Not all moving companies will be available during the holidays. Some organizations may choose to shut down the whole weekend, some just for a day, while others may decide to shorten their hours. Therefore, make sure you call your movers early in advance to make plans and ensure they’ll be available on the day of the move.


If having a good time with your family this year isn’t in the cards, you can think about recreating the whole concept of the holidays on a day that fits better with your timeline. This way you can enjoy the favorite parts of the holiday on a more convenient day especially if you have strict plans for splitting up your days between families that makes them difficult to begin with.

If you happen to miss these moments due to your move, brainstorm some great ways to celebrate and do things differently. Decorate your moving boxes and order in a meal to keep the celebration going.



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