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Prepare Your Team for an Office Move: Tips From Business Moving Companies

Business moving companies like Republic offer some tips on how to get your office team ready for their move

Office relocation can be a savvy move for businesses. Whereas your business may be faltering in one location, moving locations can be a breath of fresh air and stimulate new clientele. Of course, moving an entire business comes with its own set of challenges quite distinct from moving as an individual. While a moving team from business moving companies can deal with the heavy lifting, other issues may present themselves. Chief among these is dealing with office employees. Read on for some tips from professional business moving companies like Republic on how to ease your team into the new office move.

Create a calendar

First things first, moving an office requires every employee to be on the same page. Take some time to write up a detailed schedule of the moving procedure and distribute it to your employees well before the move actually takes place. If it helps, schedule some meetings so you and your employees can go over the schedule together and address and concerns.

Organize important documents

Moving an office is a big task and requires moving a lot of important documentation. Things like insurance records, contracts, agreements, etc. must all be accounted for and safely transported to the new space.

Talk to your employees

Odds are not every employee will be 100% down with a new move. Take some time to individually chat with each employee to hear any concerns or ideas they have on how to make the process go smoother. Your employees will appreciate you asking for their input and giving them some control over how things proceed is good for office morale.

Establish a moving budget

Moving is always expensive and moving an entire office even more so.You will need to create a comprehensive moving budget that tracks costs and all moving purchases. You need to figure out things like: can you use a company card? Who approves purchases or contracts? What about submitting invoices? The last thing you want is to be hit with any unexpected moving expense so plan your budget diligently.

If you require the services of business moving companies, give Republic a call at 619-317-0163. We will help plan your business move from inventory to final touches.




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