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Questions to ask movers

Questions to ask a Moving Company

As Southern California’s leading moving company we know that moving is a major project that can be disruptive and time consuming with your schedule. To ensure that your moving experience is expeditiously expedited we have compiled a list of the top questions to ask your moving company. Before you commit to a moving company find out all of the questions you should be asking—and the answers that will ensure a safe, effective and stress-free moving experience.

Questions to ask a Moving Company:


  1. History: how long has the company been in business? Experience is key when shopping moving companies so we recommend searching for a company that is rich in experience.
  2. Referrals: a reputable company will be happy to provide you with a referrals or direct you to posted reviews. Tip: Not all reviews are created equal. Concentrate less on the reviewer’s comments and more on how/if the company responded. If the reviewer posts about an amazing moving experience did the company thank them for their business? If something went wrong did the company respond and/or fix the issue? Does the moving company take suggestions and implement changes? Do they take responsibility for the good and the bad? In a world where a consumer can’t always decipher what is a genuine testimonial or perhaps a disgruntled employee or competitor—we recommend looking for a company that engages and works to provide customer service long after the truck has left your home.
  3. Safeguard: is the moving company licensed, insured and bonded? Ask the company for their U.S. DOT number to verify their licenses as well as provide you with additional information on worker’s compensation and valuation protection options for the customer. If you don’t feel comfortable asking, you can also look for it online as it is required that the mover list the U.S. DOT number visibly on their website’s homepage. If you feel that you are not getting the answers you are looking for this typically is a red flag and chances are they are not a reputable company. Always, always, always make sure you have a clear understanding of insurance and what it means for you in the unfortunate event of damage.
  4. Service Provided: what is the company providing? Does the cost cover all or only partial work for the move? Clearly defining ahead of time what work you or the company will be doing is detrimental in your planning, scheduling and budgeting of a move.
  5. Estimate: How is the estimate calculated? Is the estimate based by the pound, by the hour, by rooms or distance of your move? Ask these questions to ensure you have a clear understanding of what to expect for the cost of your move. If something seems too good to be true; most likely it is (too good to be true).
  6. Hidden Costs: Inquire about taxes, add-on fees or potential over-costs before you hire movers. Whatever services are agreed upon, make sure you have it in writing and that you thoroughly read your contract before signing.
  7. Cancellations vs. Postponements: What happens if your moving details change? When is the cancellation cut-off, is there a penalty for cancelling and are there any fees associated with postponing or changing your moving dates?
  8. Moving Day: What happens on moving day? Having a full understanding of the moving schedule and exactly what it going to happen on moving day is important to know to ensure a seamless, moving experience. Do you or the movers assemble or disassemble furniture? What is the projected time to complete the move? What are the steps that the moving company plans on taking when they arrive? Should you get a babysitter for the kids and pets?
  9. Quote: Does the quote include packing? If you opt for full-service moving services movers not only take the work off your plate, they also supply the moving supplies. If you don’t opt for the full-service moving services, then make sure you know what packing is covered—or not covered and also know that you will be responsible for the moving supplies.
  10. Truck Departure: What happens when the truck leaves your home or office? Your worldly possessions are on that truck so it is a good idea to confirm where it is going, how long it will take to get there and what to expect when you and the movers arrive at the new space.

Have any questions that we didn’t cover? Contact your local residential and office moving specialist at Republic Moving & Storage via telephone or online submission.


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