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Quick Packing and Moving Tips from Military Movers San Diego Trusts

Efficient Help for When you Need Military Movers in San Diego

Republic is proud to serve many members of our armed forces, helping servicemembers move around the country and the globe to fulfill their missions. Our residential moving services can help with long-distance moves, moves with short timelines, multi-stage moves, and more. As the military movers San Diego trusts with its moving needs, we offer speed and efficiency in our top-quality moving services.

One of our secrets to getting your move done on-time and on-budget is our packing method. You might have seen movers color code boxes before, but do you know how the system works? Professional military movers in San Diego know that time is of the essence when helping a servicemember get to their next station, so color coding boxes helps us know we’re packing correctly, efficiently, and safely. Here’s how it works.

  1. Each room is assigned a color (for example, the master bedroom is blue, the kitchen is red, etc.) Corresponding stickers for boxes or markers to write on the boxes will be needed for each color.
  2. We pack each room, one at a time, focusing on packing like items together, or items that belong in a similar space or piece of furniture together.
  3. Each box from each room gets numbered in the appropriate color, and we take a final tally of how many boxes belong to each room. So at the end of your packing services, you’ll have seven red boxes, ten blue boxes, etc.
  4. When moving boxes into your new home, they’ll be grouped by color according to the appropriate room, and then put in numerical order.

Following this method helps our military movers in San Diego keep track of every box during transit, and makes unpacking much easier. With the color coding and numbering system, you’ll know exactly where each box needs to be, and which pieces of furniture need to be set up before a particular box can be unpacked.

Republic offers top-tier moving services for our servicemembers no matter how far away from home they need to move. We can coordinate with your moving needs regardless of the size of your budget or the timeline you’re operating on. To learn more about our residential moving services, call us today to get started with your free quote.


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