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Republic Chula Vista, CA Realtor Spotlight: Cherise Nelson-Turner

This month, we are featuring Cherise Nelson-Turner as our Realtor of the Month! Cherise is an experience real estate agent in the San Diego area. As a local moving company, we have the opportunity to work closely with talented realtors in our area. We had a chance to meet with Cherise to learn a bit more about her and what she offers her clients.

What inspired her to become a realtor?

Cherise is an Alaskan-born women who started her career as Sales Manager at Santa Paula Cemetery. She also served as an At-Need Counselor in Hawaii. After some time on the islands, she returned to California realizing that life is short and she should pursue something that allowed her to make the most of each day!

How did she start her career?
Cherise moved to the San Diego area in 2001. She eventually made her start here as a realtor in 2004. Her motto is “Making Every Moment Count” and it shines through when you work with her. She loves San Diego and her passion for real estate is evident as she helps her clients find the perfect home for them.

What differentiates her from other realtors?
Cherise’s passion for the area and upbeat attitude make her a pleasure to work with. Moving can be very stressful, but Cherise has a way of making the process a fun and positive experience.

What does Cherise enjoy in her free time?

Cherise is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her dog, Kai, her kittens Kalie and Hankie, as well as her two turtles, Dude and Lena, She also enjoys gardening and spending time at the beach with her husband, John.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the near future, reach out to Cherise and learn how she can help you on your search! Her contact information can be found below.


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