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Donating Furniture in San Diego [2022] | 👉 Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Whether you’re redecorating, just moved somewhere new, or are going through a life change, you might find yourself ready to donate furniture in San Diego. Problem is, furniture is heavy! You’re ready to redesign your space, but you can’t do that until you get rid of the current furniture you’re dealing with. Instead of asking your neighbors to help you load your old stuff into the trash or onto the curb for bulk trash pick up, there’s something better you can do. Donating can help both you and someone else, which is a win-win!

There are many reasons why you may want to donate furniture. Perhaps you want to help those in need, you don’t want to throw it away and appreciate helping the environment, or you simply don’t want to lug it down the steps alone. Whatever your reasons, a charity that will come and pick up the furniture for you makes things easy on you. Not to mention, you can use furniture donation in San Diego as a tax write-off! Make sure you appraise your furniture fairly, grab a slip from the charity, and ensure to file it with your taxes. When you do this, you need to be sure that you’re charging fair market value on your tax write-offs. This is how much a person would pay today for the item in its current condition. You can find more information on the IRS website here.

Please keep in mind that Republic Moving & Storage does not assist with your furniture donations and subsequent pick up.  But we have put together this list of charities and organizations that do! However if you are donating furniture as a result of a pending relocation, we are here to assist with your move. ?

Not all charities accept furniture donations, and some accept small furniture but not large furniture. So, how do you know which charities will pick up your items and which ones will accept over-sized furniture, like entertainment centers? Our San Diego furniture donation guide will give you the top-rated charities to choose from:

San Diego Rescue Mission – Helping the Homeless

San Diego Rescue Mission focuses on helping those who are homeless. They accept donations of all kinds, including furniture! They use these donations to help those who are on the streets, but they also take in homeless individuals, teach them essential life skills, and get them practical jobs to help them out of their homelessness for the rest of their lives. This is a very popular program, and it has helped thousands of individuals over the years. You can see the items that they accept for donation here. Their needs to change depending on what kind of donations they get, so it’s important to check their link before setting up a pickup time. There are also some items that they don’t accept, that can be found here.

To donate to San Diego Rescue Mission, you can fill out the online donation form here. If you have large items that you don’t want to take to their donation center, you can schedule a pick up where they will lift and load the item for you.

San Diego Rescue Mission, 3055 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104, (619) 819-1855

The Salvation Army San Diego – Furniture Donation Pick up for 100 Years

The Salvation Army has been in business over 100 years and works with those who are struggling with drug and alcohol additions. They use their donations to help those who are homeless as well as to sell and make money to fund their programs, like rehab, therapy, and more. Gently used and new furniture is accepted here, so if you have an item that is old, damaged, or no longer works, this isn’t the place to take it. However, there are some furniture items they can’t accept, like blinds, curtain rods, drapes, doors, and more. If you don’t have a bulky item, like a couch or bed, you will have to take the donation straight to one of their drop off centers. However, if you do have bulky items, you can schedule a pick up with them. This is something you’ll want to do at least a few days in advance because they can be a bit backed up. To schedule a pick up to donate furniture to The Salvation Army in San Diego, call (858) 694-7000.

The Salvation Army, 3240 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110, (619) 758-1716

Goodwill Store San Diego

Goodwill has been in business for decades working to help people secure jobs. They work with those who have disabilities or other barriers to employment. The location in San Diego secures jobs for over 600 individuals each year, and they help over 6,000 individuals each year with one of their services! The donated furniture in San Diego cannot be stained, ripped, or broken at all. If it is, they will not accept it. So, it’s important to ensure your furniture is in good shape before setting up a time for pick up! They won’t accept mattresses and large appliances either. You can see a list of what they don’t accept here. If you have furniture that’s in good shape, you can schedule a pick up of your items by calling (619) 225-2200 extension 197.

Goodwill, 4359 Home Ave, San Diego, CA 92105, (619) 262-6596

San Diego Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Building Homes

Habitat for Humanity works with low income individuals and builds homes for those who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. Due to this, they accept much more than other donation centers. Not only do they accept all furniture, but they also accept construction materials, glass, and more. You can view what they do and don’t accept here. You do have to make sure that the item is in good working condition, whether it be an appliance or a couch. To donate, you can drop it off at the San Diego location, or you can schedule a pick up for your furniture donation. However, their trucks are usually a few weeks out, so if you want to schedule a pick up, make sure you do it far enough in advance. You can schedule it by calling 619-241-2221.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity Restore, 8108 Mercury Ct, San Diego, CA 92111, (619) 516-5267

Father Joe’s Villages Thrift Store & Donation Center

Father Joe’s Villages is a charity that works with those who are less fortunate and homeless. They are a non-profit that has been around for many years in the San Diego area, and it’s a very popular place for people to shop and donate as well. They accept furniture, but it has to be small enough that it can be carried by two men. So, very bulky items aren’t going to be accepted, like heavy entertainment centers or things of that caliber. However, if you have couches, love seats, nightstands, desks, etc., those things are all okay to be sent. You can drop off your items at the location, or you can schedule a pick up. To schedule a pick up time with one of their trucks, you will go here and fill out the form with your information.

Father Joe’s Villages, 1457 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, (619) 255-1255

Amvets Thrift Store – San Diego Charity for Veterans

Amvets is passionate about helping veterans, and selling their donations is how they provide care for veterans for free. They will pick up your furniture so you don’t have to lug it down to their drop off centers. However, they do require that the donations be less than five years old. They accept exercise machines, couches, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, and more. There are many things that they won’t be able to accept, like entertainment centers, any furniture needing repair, wooden lawn furniture, sleeper sofas, metal desks, and more. It’s always best to check with them before scheduling a pick up or drop off because they sometimes pause donations on furniture or large items if they are stocked up at their store. You can schedule a pick up here.

Amvets Thrift Store, 999 Cardiff St, San Diego, CA 92114, (559) 222-2622

Furniture Donation Pick Up in San Diego Map

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