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San Diego Moving Costs | 🚚 How Much Do Movers Cost in San Diego?

Whether you’re moving to San Diego, changing neighborhoods or cities in the area, or planning a cross-country move, you probably have one big concern: cost. Moving is one of the most stressful events in life with seemingly endless tasks to handle. It can also be expensive.

How much does it cost to move in San Diego? Here’s a complete breakdown of the cost of moving in San Diego, including factors that affect your rate and what you need to know. Note that we are primarily covering the cost of a local move within the San Diego metro area completed in one day. These moves typically have hourly moving rates rather than flat-rate pricing based on weight.

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs in San Diego

To understand the cost of moving in San Diego, you’ll need to know the many factors that impact your San Diego moving costs. For professional movers performing a local move in the metro area, you’ll pay an hourly moving rate. That means the more time it takes to complete your move, the more expensive your total movers cost in San Diego.

How much are movers in San Diego? Because your cost will be based mostly on how long your local move takes, here’s a look at the biggest factors that are considered when determining a moving estimate.

Moving Dates

When are you moving? Many people don’t realize that the moving date you choose to move can play a big role in moving rates in San Diego. Choosing the right season, if possible, and the right day can help you lower your moving costs.

Peak moving season is the summer when kids are off school. Moving company prices are generally higher and availability becomes an issue. The last and first few days of the month are also the busiest and most expensive time to move because this is when most rental leases end. San Diego moving company prices may be higher.

As a general rule, weekends are more expensive for moving than weekdays because most people want to move on their days off.

Volume of Your Belongings

The more items you have to pack, move, load, and unload, the longer your move will take and the more it will cost. The volume and weight of belongings that must be moved is a huge factor in your moving rate, so consider downsizing and donating or selling items you don’t want to move to lower your rate.

Packing Services

Do you need help packing? When you request moving quotes in San Diego, the level of service you need will be considered. Full and partial packing services and even unpacking services are definitely convenient, but packing will be done at the same hourly rate and add a lot of time and cost to your move.

Decide whether it’s worth it to you to reduce stress and save time when relocating by adding packing services to your move. It may actually be more affordable in the long run as professional packers can ensure valuable and fragile items are protected and avoid costly damage. Your home can also be move-in ready with unpacking services. You may save money with packing services by avoiding not only damage but more time off work to get ready for moving or settled in afterward.

Packing Supplies

If the moving company handles the packing, the cost of packing supplies will be added to your total cost. Of course, you will likely still need to pay for packing supplies anyway, and many moving companies will use supplies you have already purchased. The good news is moving companies provide high-quality packing supplies at prices that generally beat big-box retailers for moving boxes, shrink wrap, tape, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, and more.

Ease of Access

How far will the moving truck be from your home? If the moving truck can be parked on a driveway or directly in front of your home, the time to load the truck will be reduced. If the moving truck needs to be far away, such as a parking garage or parking lot at an apartment building, it will add time and increase your moving cost.

Elevators & Stairs

Are you moving from a multi-story home or building? Needing to use stairs or an elevator increases the time it takes to complete your move. Elevators are physically easier, but they are slower than stairs because movers must wait for the elevator. Does the building have a service elevator and/or loading dock? What floor you are on? How many floors does the building have? Is the elevator slow or busy? These all impact your moving cost.

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

If you have any furniture or items that need to be disassembled and reassembled, you can expect your move to take longer and cost more. Professional movers are efficient at removing furniture legs, dismantling sectionals, and taking off or securing furniture doors and trays, but this all adds time.

Moving Distance

One of the biggest and most direct factors affecting a moving estimate in San Diego is the distance of your move. The time it takes to drive from your origin to your destination will be added to your moving cost. Don’t forget to consider traffic and even the route a large moving truck may need to take.

Special Items & Requests

Finally, do you have any items that require special attention or additional requests? This may include moving a piano, packing antiques, and more. These items can add extra time and may require additional equipment. You may even need additional movers depending on what you need.

Full Service Movers vs DIY Moving in San Diego

When cost is a concern during a move, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s worth it to hire full-service movers or handle the move yourself. The good news? Full-service professionals can fit your moving budget and are more affordable than you may think. You’ll also enjoy a more efficient and easier moving experience.

Here’s why full-service hourly movers in San Diego are worth the cost:

  • Professional packing reduces the risk of costly damage or loss
  • Trained movers use the right equipment, supplies, and techniques to protect your home and belongings
  • You benefit from an experience crew that delivers an efficient moving experience completed in a fraction of the time
  • You avoid all heavy lifting, time-consuming packing, and driving a large moving truck
  • You avoid the expense and hassle of renting a moving truck
  • Avoid logistical challenges and potentially dangerous tasks like moving heavy, large items up and down stairs

Average Moving Costs in San Diego | San Diego Moving Estimates

When hiring movers in San Diego, you will usually be quoted an hourly rate for a specific number of movers (usually two). Additional movers can be added with a higher hourly rate. You can usually expect a minimum number of hours, although this is usually quite low. A dependable moving company will help you determine the right number of movers for your relocation so you pay the lowest rate and get the right sized crew for an efficient moving day.

How much do movers cost in San Diego? You’ll pay hourly moving rates based on the number of movers you need. Here’s how much you can expect to pay based on the size of your move within the metro area. Just remember that you’ll need to estimate your San Diego moving costs by multiplying the estimated time below by the company’s hourly rate for the number of movers. Don’t forget to add any additional costs at the end such as packing supplies. Some moving companies may charge a truck fee or gasoline.

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment in San Diego

How much does it cost to move an apartment in San Diego? The typical one-bedroom apartment move requires two movers and takes 3 to 6 hours. Standard moving rates in San Diego are for two movers so multiply the rate by 3 to 6 hours.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apartment in San Diego

A two-bedroom apartment typically requires three movers and 3 to 6 hours. This means it should take about the same amount of time as a smaller apartment with a larger crew and a higher hourly rate.

Cost to Move a Home in San Diego

A smaller home usually requires 3 or 4 movers and 4 to 7 hours. With a three- or four-bedroom home, your move may take 10 or more hours and require a larger crew of moving specialists.

No matter the size of your move, the best option is to call for accurate moving company San Diego prices based on your home size, volume of belongings, and services. If you are planning a long-distance move, or a relocation of more than 50 miles, you will need to get a binding moving quote.

Tips to Make Your San Diego Relocation More Affordable

Concerned about San Diego moving costs? These tips can help you reduce the cost of your move when working with professionals.

  • Be flexible on your moving date if possible. Ideally, try to move on a weekday, not the weekend. Avoid the last few and first few days of the month, if possible.
  • Get rid of items you don’t want before moving. This reduces the time necessary to pack and load which is multiplied by the mover’s hourly rate.
  • You can save money by handling your own packing. If you do need packing help, lower the cost of professional packing services by opting for partial packing to get help with specific items that need extra care.
  • Handle some of the prep work yourself. Disassemble and prep furniture yourself, unplug and prepare appliances, and unplug your electronics with the cords wrapped and controllers secured.
  • Get any necessary approvals and instructions from the landlord, HOA, property manager, or apartment building ahead of time.
  • Be on hand to give directions. Let the movers know where everything goes, what needs to be packed, and more to save time.
  • Have snacks and beverages for the moving crew to help them stay hydrated and comfortable. This will help them work more efficiently.

How to Choose a San Diego Moving Company

Cost is definitely important when choosing movers, but it should not be your first priority. To choose the best affordable movers in San Diego, look for the following.

  • Licensed and insured
  • Positive reviews
  • Long history in the industry
  • Background checked, uniformed, and trained movers
  • Right equipment to safety move delicate, heavy, or expensive belongings
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Services you need
  • Low claims rate

Republic Moving & Storage is proud of its 50-year history serving the San Diego area. We are a North American Van Lines and STI agent with a team of background checked movers committed to exceeding your expectations. With a low claims rate and Quality Control Team, you can trust that your move will be seamless and free of unexpected surprises. Check the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve earned on Yellow Pages and Facebook then give us a call for your free moving estimate.

Additional San Diego Moving Tips

Here are some final tips to help.

  • How much should you tip movers in San Diego? While tipping movers in San Diego isn’t required, it’s recommended for a job done well. The standard tip is $25 per mover or 18-20% of your total moving cost to be split among the crew.
  • Read our guide to San Diego utilities for help starting or transferring utilities ahead of your relocation.
  • Check out our Ultimate San Diego Moving Checklist to reduce stress and get ready for moving day.

Ready to get started with your big move? Give us a call at Republic Moving & Storage for a free San Diego moving quote. We offer competitive rates and work with you to get the moving help you need on your budget!


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