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Saving Money During a Move – Tips and Tricks from the Movers of San Diego

If you’re like many of our customers, you might have assumed that the highest quality services from movers San Diego uses fall outside your budget. Lots of people think that the only low-cost moving option is to do it themselves, when they’ll still wind up purchasing boxes, packing materials, and renting a truck In fact, Republic has comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services that can work with any budget, and we’re the movers San Diego trusts with their biggest, longest, and most complex moves.

First, be mindful of when during the year you plan your move. The busiest season for movers San Diego frequently uses is the spring and summer, so if you’re able to plan your move during the winter months, you may be eligible for discounts or at least seasonally lower prices. Some movers also offer discounts based on particular times of the week or month when they are less busy.

Next, think through what you want to pay for versus what is worth paying for from your moving company. You can find free boxes from retailers such as convenience and grocery stores, but it’s more efficient to use standard size moving boxes that are clearly labeled and safely packed with packing materials. You’ll need to make decisions about paying for boxes, packing supplies, and other items, or choosing to find them yourself and running the risk of not having the right size or type.

If you choose to pack yourself, you can use some of the tactics professional movers San Diego trusts use, too. The experts at Republic use special care when packing kitchen items like plates, bowls, and other ceramic or glass items. Did you know that the correct way to pack plates is vertically, with layers of packing material in between each plate? You should also be sure that each box with fragile items in it has additional packing material at the bottom and top, to protect its contents when the boxes get stacked or moved.

Think through the size and shape of your new space. Be sure to measure your furniture and appliances to see how they will fit. If you’re moving yourself, appliances and large pieces of furniture are heavy, hard to move, and may cause you to need additional rental time if you are renting a truck or van so that you can make additional trips. If you might have an old freezer or other appliance you’ve rarely used and really don’t need anymore, donate or sell it. Clear out clutter before you move with a garage sale or by donating to a local thrift shop.

You can also choose to move lighter items yourself, and leave heavy items to expert teams of movers San Diego trusts for harder jobs. If you only need assistance with some pieces of furniture as opposed to moving your whole home, you’ll receive a lower quote and can make a very cost-effective move.

Saving money during a move is about balancing the services you need against the amount of labor you’re willing to put in and risk you’re willing to take on. The expert teams at Republic are ready and willing to step in whenever you need a hand.

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