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Searching, “Moving Companies Near Me” While you’re Expecting? Look No Further

If you’re moving while pregnant, you’ll need more resources than just knowing which moving companies near me can help!

Moving can be a stressful life experience for anyone, but if you need to plan your move during a pregnancy, you’ll need to spend additional time strategizing around how to accomplish your move while preserving your strength and health.

Find all the resources you need

While Googling moving companies near me might solve one of your problems, even after you’ve chosen a partner to get you moved, you still need so many more partners once you’ve arrived in your new home. Make a list of all the services you need on a daily basis (grocery, pharmacy, dry cleaner, etc.) and all the experts you’ll need as your pregnancy advances (obstetrician, midwife, hospital, etc.). Now find out where to access each of these from your new home. (Don’t forget to make sure that the care providers you pick can also work with your health insurance!)

Get help with your move

While moving companies near me can help you find a mover, you’ll need to really think through all of the additional services that can help you. Depending on your health, you may want to take advantage of full service packing or unpacking, furniture assembly, electronics installation services, and more. Republic can offer you all of these services, and we’ll help you customize them as well, so that you only pay for what you’ll need and use.

Delay your baby purchases

You and your loved ones might want to start buying baby supplies now, but if you can hold off and ask your loved ones to hold off, it will help you in the end. The less that needs to move into your new space, the easier your move will be. Consider holding events like baby showers or family get-togethers once you are in your new home; and consider using that opportunity to let people help you unpack, organize, and unwind.

Moving while pregnant means you’ll need to find extra assistance beyond just moving companies near me, so that you can take good care of yourself throughout the process. Republic has helped families of all shapes and sizes make the moves they need; call us today to learn more about our low-cost, high-quality residential moving services.


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