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Should I Buy a Home with a Swimming Pool? Tips from our Long Distance Moving Team

Important information about buying a home with a swimming pool if you are long distance moving

When buying a new home, you may want to consider finding one with a swimming pool. When it comes to long distance moving the process of purchasing a home with a pool can be a little complicated. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing a home with a swimming pool.

Understanding the Types of Pools

In-Ground Pools

Gunite Pools are made of a mixture of concrete and sand. These pools are permanent and pricey to install. Unlike other types of pool, gunite pools can be made in any size or shape and can last for many years if properly maintained.

Vinyl Pools are a less expensive version of in-ground pool. Typically used in areas where temperatures drop to below freezing in winter months, these pools can be drained to avoid damage. Additionally, vinyl pools have liners that often need to be replaced approximately every ten years, more often if they are in an area prone to high storm rates.

Above-Ground Pools

The biggest advantage to an above-ground pool is that it requires no major changes to the existing landscape. Except for requiring a level installation site, an above-ground pool can be removed when not in use, or you no longer wish to have a pool.

Costs of Owning a Pool

There are many costs associated with owning a pool. When you are preparing for long distance moving, you will want to understand these costs associated with the area to which you are moving.

Maintenance Costs – the cost of maintaining a pool varies depending on the type of pool and you planned maintenance. Areas where pools are popular will likely also have companies for hire that will maintain your pool for you, including regular and season maintenance.

Insurance – homeowners’ insurance will likely increase if you purchase a home with a swimming pool. Check with your insurance before long distance moving and purchasing a home with a swimming pool.

Higher Utility Bills – utilities will be higher for homes that have a swimming pool. Even if you contract the maintenance of your pool, you will have a pump filter running all the time. This can have a large impact on utility costs.

Home Value Effects of a Pool

When planning for a long distance move it can be difficult to evaluate the effects that a pool can have on the value of the home that you are looking to purchase. In areas with shorter swimming seasons, a swimming pool may have little or even a negative impact on home value. If your new home may be something you plan on selling in the future, understanding the effects of a pool in the long term may be necessary.

The Decision

Ultimately, the decision of whether to purchase a home with a swimming pool when moving long distance likely means that you will not be able to see firsthand the condition of the pool and make the best decision. If you must have a pool, requesting a pool inspection before submitting an offer maybe your best assurance that the pool is in working condition.


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