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Properly Staging Your Home for Sale

Staging a house is important as you prepare your home for sale. Give your prospective buyers a positive and memorable first impression. Showcase its cleanliness and selling features upon first glance.

Create curb appeal to entice potential buyers to look inside. Power wash the exterior of your home, clearing any webs or soot from the siding. Spray the walkways clean, too. Mow the lawn more often during the sales process and reseed any bare spots. Fill flower boxes and pots with greenery or flowering plants in season. Be sure your address is visible with large easy to read numbers. Don’t forget to pay attention to the porch or front door entrance way, painting or staining the flooring, if needed. Welcome your guests with a clean and attractive doormat and ample lighting for evening showings.

Depending on weather, potential buyers might step out into your backyard. Staging your deck, patio or courtyard by adding a rocker, hammock or furniture grouping around the fire-pit outside creates an appealing lifestyle impression.

Continue to impress your buyers by staging the interior of the house. Repainting interior walls with neutral colors helps a house look clean. As guests set foot inside, show them a sparkling clean and uncluttered house that they can picture themselves living in. Keep surfaces cleared and dust-free. The floors must be clean and shining. Beware of pet odors!  Get all rugs and carpets steam cleaned, keep the house vacuumed and put the doggie toys into an unseen stash.

Give the home a more spacious look by boxing up unneeded items and moving them into temporary storage. Keep the children’s toys neat and tidy in shelves and bins. Clean the windows or hire out for this big task so that visitors look out through clean glass to your beautiful outdoor areas.

Once everything is cleared and clean, staging the house can be fun and creative. Add cut flowers in vases on a table or two.  Place a basket of fresh fruit on the counter. Make your dining room table inviting by adding a pretty table cloth and centerpiece. Continue to entice people to explore the house by placing artwork, colorful rug or something to draw them into rooms or hallways. Appeal to all the senses, including the scent of the house. Simmer a pot of hot apple cider or diffuse essential oils. Staging a home takes time and creativity but is worth it when your home sells more quickly.

If you need help with this process, home staging professionals are available, like the experts at Republic Moving and Storage. Call today to learn more about how you can utilize this specialized service.


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