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Storing Seasonal Items: Tips From Moving and Storage Companies

Moving and storage companies like Republic are here to offer some tips for your seasonal storage needs

Throughout the year, you will find yourself needing certain things more than others. When the season for a particular item is up, you will likely store it away until you need it again next year. It can be hard to keep track of seasonal items as they are not always in your immediate consciousness. Here are some tips from professional moving and storage companies on how to sort and organize seasonal items.

Clean Clothes Before Storing

Before storing any clothes for the season, make sure you put them through the wash so they are fresh when packed things like oils, body sweat, perfume residue, and skin cells can attract insects who might eat their way right through your accouterments. Untreated stains will also only get worse with time.

No Cardboard of Plastic

If your things are going to be stored for a long time, do not store them in plastic wraps or cardboard boxes. Plastic coverings and cardboard boxes do not let clothing breath which can facilitate the growth of mold, mildew, yellowing , and insects. Moving and storage companies recommend using linen or cotton bags for clothing storage.

Optimize Garage Storage

All of your off-season sports and outdoor equipment are likely stored in your garage, but these can get cluttered and disorganized quickly. Each year, take a day or two to go through your garage to optimize its storage capacity. Get rid of any old tools or equipment you do not need, and consider installing extra shelves on the wall or buying storage racks.

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