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Green Tips from Temecula Movers

Today, an increasing number of people are prioritizing environmentally friendly factors in how they select vendors and services, and your mover doesn’t have to be any different. You can make sure your move is as eco-friendly as possible, while still hiring local Temecula movers.

The team at Republic Moving and Storage offers the following tips for a Green Move:

Repurposed Moving Boxes
When searching for boxes to pack your belongings, you have two options for achieving an eco-friendly move. First, try visiting any of the retail or grocery stores in Temecula and asking if they have any boxes from unpacking new stock. You can usually find a few places that will hand over boxes that might otherwise go in the dumpster. You can also select the Temecula movers who advertise use of recycled boxes. Once you unpack, you can break the boxes down and take them to a recycling center.

Plastic Bins
You might prefer to pack some items, like those that are delicate and breakable, in plastic boxes. Plastic boxes made from recycled plastic can be found at home goods stores. You can also incorporate them into your storage solutions in your new home.

Green Supplies
Another way to ensure you have an eco-friendly move involves using biodegradable supplies. Most Temecula movers offer bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or plastic packing peanuts; but some also sell these same products in a “green” form. They are usually made from recycled materials or recycled from previous uses. You can also choose recycled packing paper, or newspaper that you can recycle along with other household items.

Reuse Household Items
Rather than buy packing material, try using things that you already have lying around the house. For instance, to prevent breakables from getting damaged during transport, put your Sunday newspapers, sweatshirts, towels, sheets, throw blankets and pillows, and other items to good use.

Before packing, take time to go through your possessions to find things that you can donate to a charitable organization, recycle, or pass down to a family member or friend. Not only will that help you achieve an eco-friendly move, but it will also save you money on the cost of transporting these belongings.

Even after your eco-friendly move, you can continue your green efforts on a daily basis in your new home. The team of knowledgeable Temecula Movers at Republic Moving and Storage suggest practices like recycling cans and cardboard boxes, paying bills online, composting, and operating energy efficient appliances. These choices help our local communities to take a step in sustaining a clean environment for generations to come.


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