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Temecula Movers: How to Pack and Move Fancy Clothes and Suits

The last thing you want to deal with during a move is broken or damaged items. But when those items are particularly expensive, like fancy clothes or suits, it can be especially heartbreaking. Although insurance may cover some or all the cost, some personal possessions may hold sentimental value or are a rare piece. To void such disasters, here are a few packing tips from our Temecula movers at Republic Moving and Storage.

How to Protect Garments and Shoes During your Relocation from Temecula Movers

Keep Clothes on Hangers – Ideally, items you normally store on hangers should be kept on hangers during the move. Specially designed garment boxes are available for such clothes, known as wardrobe boxes, allow garments on hangers to remain in place while in transport.

Invest in Padded or Wooden Hangers – If you can, invest in some padded or wooden hangers for particularly delicate pieces. These sturdier types of hangers are best to protect designer clothes like jackets and shirts, as the hangers keep their shape better than wire or plastic ones.

Use Individual Shoe Boxes – If your shoes are already stored in individual shoe boxes, make sure they’re packed heel to toe. Then, pack several of these boxes in a larger moving box, keeping the heaviest items at the bottom, acting as a base to further stabilize the container.

Wrap Items with Tissue Paper – When it comes to packing, fresh, new tissue paper can be a real lifesaver. Use it to wrap around individual shoes before packing them away in boxes or crinkle the paper and use to stuff between pieces for extra protection. It can also be used to wrap clothes, thus minimizing wrinkles.

Don’t Pack Dirty and Clean Clothes Together – One of the biggest mistakes you can do when packing clothes is to mix clean and dirty items together. Not only will smells transfer to clean pieces, but any dirt, grease or chemicals from things like deodorant can transfer over and create stains. Take some time to go through each garment to ensure they’re all clean before packing, separating things that need laundering.

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