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Moving Insurance: Reputable Temecula Moving Company

For your move, you want to hire the best Temecula moving company possible. Along with outstanding services and affordable pricing, you also want to verify the company has the right kind of insurance.

Whether you are moving to a new home, apartment, or office, choosing movers with good insurance is imperative since accidents happen even with the best companies. To protect your belongings, consider the three types of insurance offered so that you can select the one that matches your needs best.

Full-Value Insurance – With full-value insurance, everything transported has protection in the event of an accident. Of all the insurance plans, this is the most comprehensive but also the costliest. In exchange for paying more, there is little risk of something happening because these movers are under added pressure to be careful with your goods. However, if something that you own is damaged, destroyed, or lost, full-value insurance replaces the item at full value. In other words, for damage to a two-year-old television that you paid $1,000 for, under this policy, you can replace it with the same or a like product, even if you have to pay a higher price.

 Released Value – If a Temecula moving company offers released value insurance, this means it is responsible for just 60 percent per pound per article damaged, lost, or destroyed. While not as good as full replacement value, as an affordable option, this type of insurance protection is one of the most popular.

 Third-Party Insurance – In this case, you purchase a separate policy from the one offered by the moving company. That means if you opt for released value coverage through a Temecula moving company, it would still pay the 60 percent per pound per article damaged, lost, or destroyed, while the third-party policy would pick up most, if not all, of the remaining 40 percent. Typically, when the cost of full-value insurance is high and third-party coverage is allowed, the decision to purchase an outside policy makes sense.

Based on your budget and personal preference, you want to hire a reputable Temecula moving company that offers the right services, prices, and insurance. You need to know that certain circumstances may limit the moving company’s liability, such as self-packing, having perishable or hazardous materials moved, not notifying the mover of any items valued over $100, and if the contract has a clause that removes the mover from any liability.


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