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Tips for Simplifying a Military Move

What better way to get tips for simplifying a military move than by listening to families with experience? Every year, many military families relocate, sometimes locally and other times long distance or even overseas. If you expect to move, the information provided will make a significant difference is how the process goes.

The first tip for a military move involves planning. Instead of delving into the preparation phase immediately upon receiving your official orders, you only need a couple of months. The goal is to give yourself enough time to get ready to move so that you make wise decisions without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself by getting started too quickly.

Military families also recommend that you create a binder specifically for the upcoming move. You can expect to have more paperwork than for a non-military move. With a binder, you can keep everything organized for easy access. Include your orders from the military, mortgage papers, medical and dental records, social security cards, birth certificates, and so on.

Next, go through your current belongings to determine what things you can donate, toss out, and recycle. Even if you have damaged goods that you had planned to fix, this is the perfect time to get rid of them. Not only will this process help declutter your home, making packing easier, it will also reduce the volume of belongings that you take, which will reduce the overall cost of the military move.

Families suggest that you clean certain items before your scheduled move. Included are clothing items, draperies, rugs, pillow covers, and so on. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you can immediately put things in their place. For insurance purposes, take photos of your belongings, especially those of any value. If something comes up missing or gets damaged or broken during the move, you have proof of its original condition.

Whether you pack or have the moving company pack on your behalf, place small items in plastic zippered bags. For instance, by placing spices, eating utensils, small toys, pencils and pins, and other miscellaneous things in bags, they will not get lost or disorganized in the bottom of a box.

One final recommendation for a military move is to take advantage of the add-on services provided by the moving company. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, you can use professional services for packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly, and so on.


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