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Tips From Anaheim Movers on How to Help Seniors Pack for a Move

Anaheim movers offer some tips on how to help a senior parent pack for a move

Over 50% of moves are for senior over the age of 50. Moving as a senior poses its own unique set of challenges. Along with any potential physical and mental impairments, many seniors feel distressed at leaving their old residence and the perceived loss of independence that moving as a senior can bring. Anaheim movers at Republic Moving & Storage are here to give some advice on how to help your elderly parent or other loved ones prepare for a move.

Communication and Choice are Key

If they are cognitively able, make sure to spend some time talking to your elderly parent about moving and living options. Many seniors feel like they lose some independence when moving in old age, which is why it is important that they have final say over where they go and what happens with their possessions. Spend some time going over living spaces and figure out what kinds of amenities they may require.


Odds are your senior parent will have a lot of sentimental possessions that they have picked up over the years. The unfortunate thing is that their new living space may not fit everything. Go through their possessions with them and try to figure out which things are moving essentials and which things can be gotten rid of. Yard sales and marketplace apps are two great ways to make some extra money while moving by selling old unwanted possessions.

Take your time

Make sure to give you and your elderly parent plenty of time to prepare for the move. Anaheim movers like Republic recommend starting packing at least 1 to 2 months in advance. That way you can pack up each room individually and not be rushed. Focus on one area at a time and keep a slow and steady pace and you should be all set by the move date.

Find a good moving company

When you are younger, it is entirely possible to handle a move without any professional help. However, the best option for moving an elderly parent is to find a professional moving company. that is experienced with senior relocation. Anaheim movers like Republic Moving & Storage have years of experience moving clients of all age groups, seniors included.
If you are planning on relocating your senior parent, give Republic Moving & Storage a call at 619-317-0163. Our professional team is among some of the best Anaheim movers and will help you at each stage of the moving process.


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