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4 Tips From Long Distance Movers on Moving With Pets

As difficult as moving can be on you the move is just as stressful on your pets. The longer the move is, the more your pet is likely to struggle. It is very easy to get busy with all your moving plans and completely forget about what you might need to do to take care of your pets before, during, and after the move. Long distance movers suggest making a plan to ensure that you have a clear idea of how you will make your move as stress-free as possible for your pet.

Keeping Pets Out from Under Foot

Long distance movers will request that you find a way to make sure your pet is out of the home when they arrive to pack and move your things. Pets can not only get stressed when watching strangers move your things out of the home, but they can all too easily get underfoot which creates a hazard not only for them but for your movers as well. Also consider that doors will be open while movers are working. It is all too easy for a stressed cat or dog to escape and get lost during the chaos of a move. Making sure that your pet is secure or out of the home can ensure accidents do not happen.

Getting Ready for the Ride

If you and your pet have a long ride ahead of them there are several things you can do to make the ride a bit more comfortable. Start by taking your pet out in the car with you whenever possible. This will help them to get comfortable with the sights and sounds they are likely to hear on a long move. The more comfortable they are riding in the car, the less stressful the long trip will be for them.

A Portable Kennel Can Help

Most dogs and cats feel more comfortable having a small space they consider their safe place. Buying a portable kennel ahead of time and helping them to get comfortable with the idea of it as a “home” will do a lot to ease their transition during the move. It will give them a safe place to retreat to when the long distance movers are around and also serves as a place to endure the long drive ahead of you. It will also ensure your pet is secure during any stops you make along the way. It is very easy for a pet to get lost in an area they are not familiar with.

Getting Your Pet Ready for the Move

There are a few final small details you should take care of before you head out. Make sure that your dog has all their shots up to date most especially their rabies. Be sure that you have an ID tag on your dog that has your current phone numbers where you can be reached. Finally make sure you have a travel kit packed with everything your pet is likely to need on the road or at any stop you will make on the way. Having their favorite toys and blankets will help them feel better in any strange place including your new home.

At Republic Moving & Storage our long distance movers are ready to help ensure that all aspects of your move are as comfortable and successful as possible. Contact us at (619) 317-0163 to get your moving quotes or if you have any more questions about how to make your move more comfortable for your pets.


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