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Tips from Palm Desert Movers for Relocating with a Family Pet

Moving without pets is stressful enough, but when you need to accommodate animals, things can become more complicated. Fortunately, the top Palm Desert movers have provided several tips based on years of experience that will make it easier for you to move with a pet.

  • Depending on the state where you are moving, you may be required to have a health certificate for any animals crossing over the state line. If you hire a reputable moving company, it may have the information that you need. If not, you can contact a local veterinarian’s office where you are moving or conduct online research. If a health certificate is needed, take your pet to your veterinarian for the applicable shots and paperwork. In addition, if moving into a rental property, verify with management that the size and breed of your pet are permitted.
  • Palm Desert movers also suggest that you take your pet to your own veterinarian, regardless if a health certificate is required, for a good exam and shots.
  • Instead of waiting until the last minute to update your contact information with the bank, utilities, credit card companies, and so on, set a schedule to have this done two weeks out. As part of this, be sure to have a collar tag made for your cat or dog that lists your name, as well as the new address and phone number. You also need to update your contact information for any microchipped pet.
  • Top Palm Desert movers also recommend that you take one of your pet’s favorite blankets and several toys on the road when driving to your new home. The familiar smells will keep your animal calm during the transition. When driving, you also need to have plenty of pet food and water in the car and take breaks every few hours so that everyone can stretch and your pet can take care of business. Be sure to bring doggie bags along to clean up after your animal.
  • The final tip from highly respected Palm Desert movers is that you should try to arrive at your new home a minimum of one hour ahead of the moving crew. This gives your pet ample time to look around, smell things, and, if you have a backyard, explore outside. Not only will this calm your animal, it will speed up the acclimation process.

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