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Top 5 Moving Mistakes

Preparing for a move, the actual move and then settling in after the move is a major project that may not always go as planned. Find out how to avoid the most common moving mistakes so you can enjoy a stress-free move.

1.       Mistake #1: How Hard Can It Be?

Whether you are moving across town, across the country or around the world moving can be very complicated, and takes extensive advance planning.  Before you jump the gun and think you are going to execute the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Move on your own there are a number of things to consider including but not limited to the wear and tear on your poor body, damage to your household goods, and unexpected fuel and moving costs. In the end, a DIY move may not be as “cheap” or as fun as you may have anticipated so explore your options with a reputable moving company before you take on the task of the DIY Mover.

2.       Mistake #2: High Season

As with most industries there is a busy season and for the moving industry this time lands in the spring and summer.  An estimated 40+ million people will move in 2014 and that number is rising so make sure to give yourself at least 4 months head start to deal with: moving estimates, referrals, house cleaning, yard sales, packing and everything else in-between.  When making your moving reservation be sure to ask if they over-book their reservations. If this is the case you want to ensure that you are prepared if it ends up being you who is dropped the day before you move.

3.       Mistake #3: You Didn’t Do Your Homework

When you get an estimate-make sure it is in writing, make sure you understand it and that there are no hidden fees or fine print that you are unaware. Ask lots of questions when contracting movers. Is it a binding or non-binding contact? Are they insured? Do you need insurance? Fuel charges? Special Circumstances? By leaving no stone unturned in the interview process you will ensure yourself a moving experience free from unexpected surprises (not the good kind) and unnecessary stress.

4.       Mistake #4: You Didn’t Do Your Homework….Again

When hiring movers you need to verify with the company what they cannot or will not move. Firearms, chemicals, propane, gasoline, high-end jewelry and alcohol are all items that most likely will not be moved by your movers so remember to double check what you can and cannot give to the movers to move.

5.       Mistake #5: You Forgot About Fido and Fluffy

OK… so maybe ‘forgot’ isn’t the right word when referring to your pets but perhaps you didn’t take into consideration all of the steps you need to take to ensure a safe move for your furry family member. A month before travel you will want to make sure that the pet’s vaccinations, records and certificates are all up to date.  If you are traveling long-distance via car or plane make sure you have the proper carrier, supplies and current paperwork on hand.  When you reach your new home make sure that you are ready to provide extra love and attention and reinstate your pet’s original schedule to ensure that the transition into the new home goes smoothly.

Avoid these common moving mistakes and learn moving tips and tricks when you contact the moving professionals at Republic Moving & Storage.  Our highly trained experts will walk you through the process, answer all of your questions and most importantly provide you with the direction and hand-holding you need to get through a successful, stress-free move.


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