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The Top House Moving Companies Offer These Clever Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Top house moving companies like Republic know only too well the struggle of trying to get settled into a new home. At first, your new home is going to have that “cold” feeling to it. The one that says you’re not quite “welcome” here yet. To help with this, we have put together are tips that will soon have your new house feeling like home.

Get Your Priorities in Order

The first thing house moving companies recommend you do is decide which rooms you use the most and organize them by priority to unpack. Typically, this list includes bedrooms, bathrooms, and of course the kitchen. If you work from home, your office should also be on the list. While your house might not feel like home for the first little while, having comfort items at hand will help keep things under control, even if you are still living out of boxes.

Get Rid of the Packing Materials

No one wants to be continuously walking over, on, or around empty boxes and packing materials. Create one spot where you can place empty cardboard boxes after they’ve been broken down and bags for the packing paper and bubble wrap. After you are all settled in, you can recycle or dispose of these items. By creating one place in your garage or a designated room, the rest of the house looks and feels better with each box that is emptied.

Get Organized

What better time to organize your closets and drawers than when they are completely empty, and you have to fill them from the packing cartons? Take your time, the more organizing you do now, the better. Make sure you have towels, washcloths, bath supplies, and of course toilet paper in the bathrooms. The more you organize each room, the more welcoming they will feel.

The First Meal

Gather the family together in the kitchen for your first family meal in your new home. Don’t go crazy, keep it simple and tasty. If possible, prepare a favorite meal and let everyone unwind and talk about how things are going settling in.

The Daily Routine

The best thing you can do for your family is to get them settled back into the family routine. Make sure the TV is set up, DVD player plugged, video games are ready to go. Toss some throw pillows on the couch a blanket or two and have a family evening. Help make sure the kids get their books set up, find their favorite stuffed animals, and if they are old enough unpack and organize their rooms. For more helpful advice contact Republic Moving & Storage at (619) 317-0163 one of the nation’s top local, interstate, and international house moving companies. Call us today and let’s get started making your next move a stress-free experience.


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