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The Value of Home Staging

Finally, your house on the market. After thoroughly cleaning your home, you believe that it will sell quickly. However, after days, weeks, and even months pass without any interest, you question why. More than likely, this has nothing to do with your house or its location. Instead, potential buyers are having a difficult time envisioning their own belongings inside the home. Before putting your house up for sale, seriously consider home staging. This is something that you can do, or you can hire a professional company to assist.

Home staging transforms houses into model-like homes that immediately peak buyers’ interest. Depending on the type and volume of furnishings that you own, you may be able to work with what you have or you may be required to sell or put your things in storage and rent up-to-date furnishings until the house sells.

  • Architectural Bones – Although potential buyers are not interested in the homeowner’s furnishings when walking into a house for sale, the furnishings can be a huge distraction. Instead, buyers want to see the architectural bones of the house. The problem is that having too much “stuff” prevents this from happening. With staging, rooms have minimal furnishings, which helps showcase the home’s design, layout, size, and architectural features.
  • Clean Rooms – While some buyers can easily look past clutter when hunting for a house, many others cannot. With home staging, every room will have a clean, fresh look and feel that potential buyers find appealing. When showing a home that is cluttered, buyers only see a tremendous amount of work to be done, even if unrealistic, whereas, with staging, they see a house that is move-in ready.
  • Honest Showing – If there is one thing that potential buyers do not like it is feeling as if they were deceived. When people walk into a house for sale, they want honesty rather than finding hidden flaws. Even if you had zero intention of hiding anything from potential buyers, their perception is reality. Because a staged home has a minimalistic yet beautifully decorated interior, flaws are visible. For buyers, they see this as you being open and honest, which makes them feel more confident in making an offer.

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly applies to home staging. With this, modern furnishings are used to paint a picture that the majority of potential buyers will love.

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