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Winter Moving Tips from the Furniture Movers at Republic Moving & Storage

If everyone who ever has to move could choose to do so during spring, summer, or fall, when the weather is nice, life would be peachy. Of course, these are the most popular and consequently the most expensive times of the year to move. There are times when you might not have a choice in waiting until spring to move. It could a change in jobs, a military move, or that you have purchased a new home. When you have to move during the winter months, you need furniture movers you can count on. At Republic, we are experts in winter moves and are here to help.

The Right Movers

Winter moves take special skills and people who understand how to work in the snow and ice. Along with being able to load and unload their truck safely, they should also be competent when driving in dangerous winter driving conditions.

Winter Weather

If your current home or the one you are moving to is subject to the whims of Old Man Winter, you never know when the next storm might hit. Keep a very close eye on the forecasts and stay in touch with your furniture movers just in case the weather decides to close in. This way you can work with the company to ensure you have time to make alternative arrangements.

Protect Your Floors

Moving in the winter means snow, ice, mud, and more being tracked into the house while the furniture movers are working. Try using self-adhesive carpet protector available in rolls from any carpet store. It’s an affordable way to protect your carpets and flooring.

Warm but Not Hot

You want to keep your home warm enough for the rest of the family, but keep in mind the door will be open, and you aren’t trying to heat the outdoor world. Turn the thermostat down a little bit; it will keep the house warmish without killing your utility bill.

Safe Walkways

If you have snow and ice on moving day, be sure you use plenty of salt or de-icer to clear the walkways to ensure no one slips, falls, and gets hurt.

What About Your Kids

When it comes to moving, kids tend to get in the way. It’s not intentional, but it does happen. This tends to make things go far slower than they should and can lead to nasty accidents that end up with a child, a member of the moving team, or both being injured.

If you are anticipating a winter move and need the finest furniture movers to handle the job, contact Republic Moving & Storage at (619) 317-0163, we make winter moves easy.


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