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No matter the circumstances, relocating to a new house or otherwise shifting locations in a move is stressful, tiring, and tedious, often all three at the same time! If you’re currently feeling that way just by thinking about the prospect, don’t worry: plenty of people have been in your shoes and lived to tell the tale!

Stress and tedium will only increase alongside the distance covered, especially when that move is cross-country or state to state. Don’t despair just yet, though! With the right team of professionals at your back, even moves like these become easy!

What Is A San Diego Long Distance Move?

Before we talk about long distance moves and movers, we first have to define what precisely “long distance” means in this instance.

In moving industry terminology, a local move is one that takes place over a distance of less than 100 miles. This means that the affair will be over in one day, usually. Long distance moves, as one might imagine, take place over longer distances and thus require more time and care. Types of long distance moves include intra-state, interstate, and international, all of which have their own unique situations and considerations to take into account.

The reasons for undertaking a cross country or otherwise long distance move are as numerous as the destinations you can go to! Newly married couples move to new cities to settle down, entrepreneurial folks move to pursue new job opportunities, and some people just want to pay less taxes or less property costs – we totally understand! No matter what ends up motivating you to seek greener pastures, know that only certain teams are equipped to handle moves of these kinds!

How To Move Across The Country with Republic Moving & Storage

While we’re sure you’re very industrious, you would simply be doing a disservice to yourself if you attempted something like this by yourself. The best way to move cross country or state to state, without a doubt, is hiring a full service San Diego long distance mover to help you out. So, what precisely do these best long distance moving companies do?

A full-service out of state moving company will handle almost every aspect of these difficult moves for you. This includes working tasks like packing, moving furniture, loading, unloading, and so on. As an extra bit of stress relief, they’ll acquire most of the materials necessary for these tasks by themselves, typically without any extra cost on your front. Having skilled and trained professionals handle these tasks are sure to make them exponentially easier and less dangerous.

Here’s a list of other services a proper moving company will offer you:

  • Coordination and organization of the entire process, start to finish
  • Safe transportation of your items to new location
  • Disassembly, reassembly of furniture, appliances
  • Obtainment of proper packing material
  • Furniture placement in new location
  • … And more!

No doubt, the best benefit that a proper San Diego state to state moving company will provide is peace of mind. If you choose correctly, your crew will be well-trained and properly equipped to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible. Don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary workloads – hire the right people for the job!

How Much Do San Diego Long Distance Movers Cost?

According to Thumbtack, the average long distance move costs an average of $4,300 in the United States. However, this price will always be variable, depending on your specific situation, and what sort of services you want.
An example of a few factors that might alter the final cost of your move:

  • Distance required to travel
  • Time of year, how busy it is
  • Quantity and weight of items to be relocated
  • Additional service packages, like uninstallation and reinstallation of appliances

With regard to the cost of a move like this, many factors are out of your control, while others are not. If you want a rough estimate, online virtual surveys can be a big help in figuring out what range you’ll be paying for, like the United Van Lines’ Virtual Survey, but ultimately, you’ll have to reach out to your company of choice for a quote. In the modern day, almost every interstate moving company will arrange the quote by phone or on their webpage, sometimes both. Make sure to not miss out on this vital step before going through with your state to state move!

Choosing the Best San Diego Long Distance Moving Company

When it comes to something that is as stressful and requiring proper coordination as a long distance move, making sure you choose the right company for the job is absolutely the most vital step. Always check the San Diego long distance reviews, ensure they’re properly insured, and do background checks to make sure you avoid hiring incompetent or malicious companies out to scam you!

If you’re still wondering what moving company you should employ for your San Diego state to state move, wonder no more! At Republic, our full-service team is dedicated to making you, the customer, happy and the move itself simple and quick, and we’ve got the reviews on Google to prove that we’ve had plenty of success in doing both! We’ve been doing this moving thing for over sixty years! We are also an affiliate of North American Van Lines, which can boast the highest average satisfaction score from employers in corporate move situations, and a certified ATA ProMover.

We also offer a large suite of services that we’re certain will make your move exponentially easier:

  • Dedicated trucks
  • Affiliate van lines for extra convenience
  • Same crew dedicated for your job
  • Flat rate for long distances moves
  • Storage in monitored, military-approved warehouse
  • Full packing service with material acquired by company
  • Relocation of offices, hotels, FF&E, schools, etc.
  • Piano and safe moving services
  • Senior-friendly moves
  • International moving services
  • … And more!

Regardless of what specifications the job in your instance entails, the crews at Republic have the training, know-how, drive to get the work done and get you to your new home or place safely and speedily. We’re the best long distance mover in the Greater San Diego Metropolitan Area!

If you’re looking for the best San Diego long distance moving company in the area, you’ve come to the right place – No matter what job it is, Republic is more than equipped to handle it! Call us today at 619-000-0000 or fill out the form on our webpage for a free long-distance moving quote from the top cross country and interstate movers in San Diego, California!

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