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Moving a Piano in San Diego with Republic Moving & Storage

Proper care, protection, and straight-up love are all essential in ensuring a piano is well preserved. Whether the piano was bought off Facebook Marketplace or passed down five generations from ancestors you don’t know, it deserves to be taken care of! When life hits and you’re in need of relocating, Republic Moving’s San Diego piano movers will ensure your piano is in good hands. Throughout the move, you can relax knowing that the smooth polished surface and harmonious sound of your valuable instrument will not be disrupted. Although high-quality wood is the principal makeup of most pianos, they’re also made of metal, molten iron, and steel wire. Grand, baby grand, digitals, and upright pianos are the main types of pianos we move. Grand pianos can cost up to an astounding $200,000 whereas digitals can go all the way down to $200. The price of baby and upright pianos are nestled anywhere in between. 

If you’re a musician or pianist, you’re probably aware that pianos can weigh up to 800 pounds and contain over 10,000 moving parts! That’s the exact reason why attempting to move it on your own is a disaster waiting to happen. Damaged floors, scratched walls, and disruption to your instrument are highly likely unless you have the ideal company to manage the demanding task of piano moving. By treating the instrument like their own, an experienced San Diego piano moving company is all you need to prevent your piano from losing its value and musical functionality.

Hire a Professional San Diego Piano Mover- Top Reasons

What’s the harm in moving the piano by yourself? Well, the downsides outweigh the benefits by a landslide. A DIY attempt will require a ton of lifting, carrying, and loading that will be time-consuming and muscle aching. Instead of taking your chances with this incredibly valuable, expensive, and lovely showpiece, allow a professional crew to ensure it stays that way. Harm to the vulnerable instrument and especially yourself could add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars which could end up costing way more than if you hire professionals beforehand. 

Just picture all the things that could go south if you don’t have the right team to relocate your precious piano. It could fall down the stairs, get scratched and chipped, be dropped and broken, fall on someone, get thrown around in trucks, and so on. Experienced San Diego piano movers are trained for this specific task and have the skills necessary to prevent any negative outcomes.

San Diego Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Moving a piano isn’t black and white– it’s complicated. Lacking the techniques and proper materials necessary for the job is a big no-no. Trained piano movers are experts on what equipment is required. When working with baby, grand, and upright pianos, there’s up-to-date equipment that is used such as specialized piano dollies for transporting the instrument across the ground, stair rollers for moving it from one floor to the other, liftgates, ramps to roll the piano into the company truck, and tie-down straps such as board straps and skid boards for securing it in the truck. Fastening the piano into the vehicle is extremely important for preventing it from banging all over the place. Shrinkwrap and moving blankets are also essential to keep the paint from chipping or the wood from being dented.

It’s not a bad idea to ask about the moving team’s amount of experience with the preparation, disassembly, moving, transportation, reassembly of pianos, and arranging of the instrument in the preferred spot. Damaging your own property and damaging someone else’s is something you want to avoid – especially when it involves a service you paid a company for. Republic Moving only utilizes piano moving professionals who know what they’re doing on the job. That way, you won’t have to worry about an inexperienced team handling your fragile instrument.

San Diego Piano Moving Cost

Eager to prevent yourself from experiencing pains, aches, and potential damage from attempting the piano move on your own? You’ve probably wondered what the cost is for hiring piano movers in San Diego. It goes like this:

Prior to receiving a San Diego piano movers quote, you’ll need to let us know what type of piano you own, our accessibility to it, and how far it needs to be transported. Is it an upright piano, baby grand piano, or grand piano? Will it need to be transported up or down a flock of stairs or is there an accessible elevator? Once you answer questions like these, the company will be able to determine what an accurate rate will be as well as the number of staff required for the job.

Not only will there be a properly equipped and experienced crew showing up at your door, but the cost of our piano movers in San Diego will be affordable and fair. You can sit back, relax, and sleep without any worries knowing that your priceless instrument is in good hands and will arrive at your new destination in the same conditions the same way you left it.

Chances are you’ve asked yourself “should I leave the piano movers a tip? How much of a San Diego piano movers tip should I give?” First and foremost, any monetary form of gratuity is highly appreciated– but it’s certainly not required. Nonetheless, $20 to $40 per mover is usually given by those who do tip.

Although most people still get their pianos tuned after a transfer, Republic Moving reduces the demand for tuning as much as possible. With decades of experience, we know what it takes to move all sorts of pianos. Our crew will always show up with the skills, materials, and muscles needed for a stress-free move. Contact us today for a San Diego, CA estimate!

Choosing the Best San Diego Piano Mover

Not taking any precautions before entrusting a company would most likely lead to disappointment. So then how do you know which piano movers in San Diego you can count on? Well, like many things, doing the research ahead of time is one of the wise. 

Searching for San Diego piano movers reviews on trusted aggregators like Google and Yelp is one of the best ways to discover the top San Diego moving company to take care of your piano. How do people rate their experience with the company? Are the majority of their reviews positive or negative? Checking to see how much experience the crew has is a good idea as well. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to deal with improper licensing and insurance, so make sure that’s up-to-date. This can be done by going to the Department of Transportation and verifying the company’s USDOT number.

When you’re committed to the process of relocating your precious piano, it’s better to be safe with highly-quality services than to save an extra buck by hiring an amateur company that offers the lowest rates. You can expect reliable San Diego, CA piano moving companies to have an experienced crew showing up that already knows how to efficiently and safely transport pianos. 

With over 50 years of experience, Republic Moving maintains a 97% referral rate and has excellent Google reviews. We aim to provide our clients with the immaculate customer service they deserve.

No matter the type, size, or age of piano your own, you can rely on the professional San Diego piano movers at Republic Moving & Storage to carry, load, and transport your heavy piano without any scratches, damage, or disturbance to the internal elements.

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